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Posted on 2015-03-26 by Author Admin

Your garage should be as usable, organized, and welcoming as the rest of your home. You park your car in it. You use it for storage. You may even keep your family’s bikes and sports equipment there. So it’s a major nuisance when your garage door won’t open properly.

Noisy garage doors are also annoying, especially if you have to leave for work early, and your entire family is woken by the squeaking.

Garage door maintenance might not be a top priority, but if you check all the working parts annually as part of a winterizing project, you’ll never have to wrestle with a groaning garage door again.

What really causes the garage door rollers to stick?

  • Dry roller: dry rollers are likely to make the door open partly. They also the reason your door is producing squeak sound when it’s opening. To solve this problem the rollers should be lubricated.


  • Rusty rollers. Rust is one of the main reasons why the door is sticking. To repair this problem rust must be removed. If your garage is in a high-moisture environment, the rollers may be prone to rust. You can prevent rust-caused problems by replacing steel rollers with stainless steel or zinc plated ones.


  • Worn out rollers: they produce a loud, annoying sound when the door operates.


  • Loose weather stripping


Fixing and maintaining garage door rollers

  • Lubrication: dry rollers should be lubricated by applying 3 in 1, motor oil or WD-40.


  • For the purpose of removing any rust use a steel wool to scrub off the rust. As in the previous case use a piece of cloth to wipe away any rust flecks.


  • Dip sticking rollers in kerosene. Using a brush, preferably an old toothbrush, rub the rollers thoroughly. Then using a clean piece of cloth wipe the rollers dry.


  • Tighten all loose bolts and screws.

Replacing garage door rollers

  • Open the garage door fully. Then disconnect the power opener from the door and unplug the door opener for safety.


  • Take a clamp and position it at about 2/3 the height of the door opening.


  • Using pliers bend the track to a small extent.


  • Line up the first old roller with this opening. Wedge a screwdriver between the garage door roller and the track, and pry the old roller out of the track. Remove this old roller.


  • Insert a new roller into the track.


  • Roll the door down to the next roller, and repeat these steps for the bottom rollers.


  • While bending the track back into its normal alignment open the door to full swing.


  • While the door is full open Bend the section of the track that is at the center of the overhead section with pliers. Be careful, the door can slip-up from the track and knock you.


  • using a pry bar remove and replace the last roller.


  • You can now using pliers bend the track into its required shape.


  • Remove the clamp from the track.


  1. Plug the door opener back in, and reattach it to the door.
  2. Close the door, watching for misalignment of the track. Adjust the bolts if needed.

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