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Posted on 2016-03-16 by Author Admin

Garages are built for storage of vehicles and the size depends on the usage of the garage either commercial or residential. All garages have doors that are large enough to allow the entry and exit of vehicle and also secure the car from theft. Garage doors can be made of metal, wood or even fibreglass and mostly they open from bottom rolling up to the garage ceiling or even halfway. Whether the garage doors are electrically or manually operated, they are spring loaded so that they reduce human or motor effort required while operating them.

The number of springs on a garage door will depend on the size of the garage door. Springs unwind and rewind when the door is opened and closed. Most springs will serve their purpose for close to 10 years, depending on the manufacturer before they are in need of replacement. However, these years may reduce due to a number of factors like excessive weight of the door, if one lives in areas with high humidity, as it causes corrosive cracking and also poor garage door maintenance. Mostly we tend to ignore the garage door till it starts having problems working or even stop working and if this happens, then its time to replace or repair the springs.

Some of the reasons for garage door spring’s replacement or repair include:

1. To avoid injury or death
Whether the garage door opens electrically or manually, the springs tend to wear and tear due extension and relaxation mechanism on the springs during the process. We tend not to focus on the springs because we always see the garage door working as it should be. However, this can cause serious injury or even death to someone if the springs break and the door hit him. Such injuries can be avoided if we time to time check on the springs and repairs or even replacement is done in advance.

2. To avoid inconveniences
Imagine having a garage door that is operated with a remote control or even electrically and when you open it refuses forcing you to open it manually or even forego using your vehicle at that moment because the door didn’t open. This situation could probably be brought about by springs that have refused to work. Spring ensure that the door slides up and down by ensuring the pulleys of the door are working and if a they pulleys dont go up then the doors wont open or even close.

3. To avoid emergency repairs
Once the garage door doesn’t open then the springs need to be replaced. This turns out to be an emergency in cases where there is no alternative vehicle to use or even there is need of replacement of the whole door which is quite expensive if not planned. So checking the springs from time to time will ensure one plans for garage door spring repair or replacement. Repairs or even replacement can be done individually or even professionally.
For this reasons, always ensure that your garage door springs remain in top notch condition.

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